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Wednesday, August 3

bosen banget!!

hari ini bosen banget sih.. !! ><" bosen! bosen! bosen! bosen! bosen! bosen! bosen! bosen! bosen! seperti biasa bangun tidur ku terus mandi tidak lupa mengosok gigi habis mandi ku tolong ku sendiri membersihkan tempat tidurku [hehehe] mau ompol!!! hahahah aku gak ngompol loh!! swear!!! abis itu check imel TERNYATA!!!! tidak ada imel baru.. ganti baju trus ke fontana city walk!!! aku jalan kaki ke sono wit my bro... ngeliat si felizz kerja.. hahah gak ding! aku makan wendys!! dapet free drinks loh.. hahhahah....!!!! terus ke target beli headphones!!! gara" kebanyakan choices aku tlp temenku nanya yg mana..!! lol.. maklum blon' pernah beli sih...!!! trus jalan" di target ngeliat ada notecard murah buanget!! so i bought 2 of them..!!! siapa tau nanti sekolah perlu!!! lol... trus di jemput my mom trus pulang deh!!!!! trus di suruh nurunin barang belanjaan!! trus nonton!! trus ngurut my mom!!! trus gendok si baby!!! trus gosok baju deh!! trus mandi lagi!! tlp temen!! chat!! nulis ini!! trus gw merasa bosen buanget!!! trus mungkin abis itu mo tidur.. lol gitu lah.. hari hari yg membosankan!!!! also ya gw can't wait till saturday!!!! O_O

Friday, July 29

Hot day! don't ya think?

it's so effin' hot!!!!!!

Monday, July 25


I really really really trully can't wait till August 6!!!! bcoz i then i will be going to NV, UT, and wyoming for 1 whole week. so, i probably can't be online anymore. hehehhehe. well if u call me it's ok! lol... coz i'll pick it up. and will tell u all bout it... hehehhe... so hm.. i'll totally have some times to call some of my friend... well tat's it.. there's still 2 more week till vacation.. gile i can't wait.. i'm bored @ home melulu...!!!! so luv me b4 i go!!!!! hahhahahha... tau deh.. tat's only some news da...da... priend.. huahauhauhauahuahua gila ah.. byeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, July 3

Balboa Beach

i didn't bring my camera with me.. hik hik hik... i forgot it @ home...

well the story goes like this...

it was like 2 pm. i have to go to church with my family but instead we go to the Balboa beach bcoz there's my couzin from boston that gonna go to beach and my brother is crying and trying to go with them. my mom said "NO" but then i think she feel guilty...! so we call them and we tell them that we gonna catch up with them...! and i think like wow! i love my mom! ...

in the freeway we got lost because the direction wasn't clear enough for us to understand... i mean we should go off the freeway but they direction said we should.. so there's the mistake... (i was kind of frikin' out)

finally we found the place...and it was so crowded!!! so my mom decided to lock the stiring wheel with the thingy that u use.. i dunno.. well after she lock it she realize that she don't have the key to open it... and she put it backward..!! i was really mad then... i was like that is the stupidest mistake i ever seen!

when all this happening my brother is yelling and yelling that he want to go pee....! i was like pissing off!!!!!! i mean look around and see the situation that we were in!!! duh!!!!

well then we finally met our cousins and they told me and I state " OMG! it's 4 pm already we should go back because we got plane to catch." whe she said this i was mad like i don't even want to talk anymore!!!!!!!! i was like i just got here and you tell me this????? wtf! u noe.. don't be so biacthy bout it..!!!! so i didn't talk to everybody at the place... and my mom feel so guilty that i was mad.

so here's the summary..!!! we don't go to church to catch up with my cousin then we got lost then we don't have the key to that thingy.. then they want to leave US at the beach????? doode it was out of control... i don't even want to talk to them anymore!!!!

i guess they know that i was mad and they try to give me ice cream and stuff i was like "HELL NO" so they leaves us at the beach!

so my mom feel guilty. so we just went to the beach and my bro and I play the water... and actually after i get mad playing with water is making me feel happy again... so i realize that mad at my mom is not a good idea bcoz it's not really her fault and in fact, i'm thanking her for what she had done!!

well my other couzin came and bring us the key to the lock thingy and we go home safely...!!! and thank god we go to beach.. acutally i don't really want to go with my couzin from boston anyay bcoz they frikin' stingy...

thanks for reading! lol.. it's quite lot of writing i did huh? lol


I was playing around with photoshop and it gives me a really cool picture of ME lol!
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Tell me what do u see????
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I see 2 ghost that is just get their ass kick by superman!!!


I thought i was glad that summer were here! but actually it's kind of boring... i like school than hangout at home! well this month lotz of people visiting us. a family from boston (they gonna go back 2morow!) and another one from indo! but soon my dad gonna come here in august!!!! YES!!! I can't wait till then...and i already plan the whole thing. we hang out and do lotz of stuff.. well only with the boston family. lately i realize that i can't be selfish ( yea duh!) but i think i'm not selfish but bcoz my cousin tell me i realize that i'm selfish... just bcoz i didn't go selling doesn't mean that she's using me! and that's how i think the whole time. so am i really selfish?? i dunno.. but i was so mad at my cousin b4 and it's not worth it.

Tuesday, June 7


The final is here!!! OMG! I can't believe it and the school is almost over!! YAY!! so my plan for next year is going to have more friend.. coz i don't have any friend this year.. ><" heheheh.. the final is this week June 8-10. for computer class I have no finat @ all!! so Yay! and art is easy. the hardest class is Math.. ><" I have to get a 100% on the final or I failed the class with a C!!!! anatomy is easy coz the whole class is cheating. English, a presentation, we make a trial (so it'll be FUN). History is Sux.. is so effin hard the study guide is 70 question!!! and each question contains 2 part so basicly 70x2=140 question!!! damn... that's harsh..!!!

Friday, May 27


lol.. first of all i would like to say sorry that i haven't UPDATED my blog for the longest time!!!! yea there alot of thing that happened..!! and i don't even know where to start... (geleng geleng)
Relay For Life!
It was so H.O.T... i get tan like crazy..!!!! saturday my plan was going to relay for life for 5 hours to catch up my volunteer job for interact and also my service learning project...!!! it was fun but again i got tan!!! after that i go to my friend's bdae partey... it was cool we got to play bowling and eat cake and have fun.. hehehe then i go to the church thingy (persecutuan gitu loh) with my friend felicia.. it was fun too I learned about how to control myself.. it was worth it... then i go back to school to watch the play "how to suceed in business without really trying" it was so funny and btw, we got in for free coz we late for like 30 min. haha o well that was saturday and sunday i just passed out and i catch a cold.. ><" doode coz i was so tired on saturday.. gile deh... but at least i have Fun!!!

Friday, January 7

new year eve partey..

new year eve party.. it was awesome but i was kind of sad because i hang out with little kids.. well it actually the little kid is so i have to play with them.. yea well btw, this boy he is like 2 or 3 or something.. well he's pretty small and so cute he indo but his hair is brunette.. yea well he is very cute..!!! well he bring his toy everywhere you know, a brand new toy.., then i take it from him just bcoz i want to.. then when i take it he says " you stupid ass.." i was like.."whoooho..." he's like 3 and said that kind of stuff.. danm...!!!